Golf F.A.Q.

Each day the cart rules and pin locations are posted on the signage by the first tee box. Based on the course conditions, the cart rules are 90 degrees, cart path only, or blue flag. "Blue Flag" means cart path only on the holes with blue flags marked in the fairway. Everyone is to follow cart signage back to path when nearing the green. Members and guests must always pair up on carts.

On weekends and holidays, groups are expected to keep a 4 hour pace of play for 18 holes. Groups (even onesomes or twosomes) are not to play through on the weekends as the golf course is full. Playing through will slow the pace for all golfers behind. On the weekdays, groups that play at a faster pace are allowed to play through as the golf course is not typically full. Groups up to 6 players are allowed on weekdays. A maximum of 5 players are allowed on weekends and holidays (anytime tee times are reserved). Please use common courtesy to faster groups and let them play through when recognized on weekdays. Please contact the golf shop immediately by calling (770) 382-1611 if these rules are not being followed.

All players must check in the golf shop regardless of walking or riding.

Yes, there are a few simple things you can do to keep the golf course in excellent condition. Please fill all divots with sand and fix a few-ball marks on each green you are on. Always, make sure you and everyone in your group "pick up their feet" on the greens. Also, please follow cart signage. If everyone can do this on a consistent basis, we will have our golf course in EVEN BETTER condition.

Social members may play 6 times per year and may bring guests. The social member and guests are charged the regular guest rate ($65 on weekdays, $75 on weekends and holidays). You do have range access the 6 times you may play in a year, and can join the range club for $240 annually.

All guest fees are the same for friends and family which are $65 on weekdays, $75 on weekends and holidays for 18 holes and $35 for 9 holes. This is the same rate whether walking or riding. The junior guest rate (18 & under) is $25 for 18 holes and $15 for 9 holes.  *Please note that you are responsible for informing your guest of the rules at the Club as well as any charges that are not paid by a guest.*

The Driving Range is open to our golf range members until dark (unless declared otherwise). Please check in with the golf shop before visiting the range. Occasionally the range will be closed for a period of time for mowing and maintenance which will be posted in the golf shop and on the range.

For the fastest response, the best way is to call the golf shop at (770) 382-1611 for questions or lesson availability. If you leave a message, you will be contacted before day's end. The second best way is through email

You may contact Phillip Wright or Zac Tilton by calling (770) 382-1611 or by emailing or Please give 24 hour notice before bringing a prospective member so the staff can prepare and setup an appointment before or after golf. Regular guest fees do apply outside these guidelines.

There are no special restrictions for walkers. Having said that, the same pace of play does apply for walkers.

This is not permitted. Under a special circumstance, a member may make request this to the Golf Pro Shop and a decision will be made.

It is definitely not a requirement. It is each member's discretion based on the quality of service you receive.

Groups up to 6 may play during the weekdays. On weekends and holidays, a maximum of 5 players may play in a group. The same pace of play is expected regardless of how many golfers are in a group.

You may bring up to seven guests. Please know that you are solely responsible for any charges, and also responsible for informing guests of the rules of the Club. Guests may pay individually, but anyone who does not pay will be charged to your account. We always need all guest names as liability involved with knowing who is on the golf course at all times.

Golf course aerification is March 23rd and August 17th for 2020. The course will be open the following day, but it typically takes 3-4 weeks for the greens to fully heal.

Yes, we do offer Monday Outings with a member sponsor. We offer these outings based on our golf course maintenance schedule. We do encourage these outings to be booked well in advance as the calendar fills up quickly. As far as golf fees, you must have a minimum of 72 players and cost is $60 per player. You may have a maximum of 120 players. Food & Beverage must be done in house and prices typically start $15 per person. For any questions or booking, please contact or

On September 1, 2019, Cartersville Country Club implemented a "play at your own risk" policy on the Golf Course as well as Tennis Courts.  The Cartersville CC staff will no longer sound the weather alert horns.  In the event you see or hear inclement weather approaching, seek shelter immediately in the club house.  Our lifeguards will continue to monitor the pool for inclement weather and clear the pool at the first sound of thunder.  Members and guests are required to remain out of the pool for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.