2020 MGA and LGA Tournament Dates

Please see below for dates set for our 2020 MGA & LGA Tournament calendar.  Separate emails will be sent out as each event approaches regardings details and sign up.  Mark your calendars as we look forward to a great tournament scheduled for 2020.  Please note that you must be a golf member and join the MGA or LGA to participate.  Please contact us is you would like to join and are not currently a member, or if you are unsure if you are currently a member.  The fee is an annual $50 charge which sets you up in the GHIN handicap system and gives you access to all of the tournaments.

* March 21st & 22nd - MGA 4 Ball Invitational
* March 23rd - Greens Aerification
  • April 18th - MGA Roofer Classic
  • May 8th - Day /Night Tournament 
  •  May 13th - LGA Member Guest
  • June 2nd - LGA Invitational
  •  June 11th-13th - MGA Member Guest
  • June 20th - Parent / Junior
  • July 18th - MGA Summer Shamble
  • August 17th - Greens Aerification
  •  September 12th - LGA 3 Guys and a Gal
  • September 14th - Senior Abney Cup
  •  September 26th & 27th - MGA P.D. Gurley Cup
  • October 16th - 18th - MGA / LGA Club Championship
  •  October 24th & 25th - MGA Senior Club Championship
* November 7th & 8th - MGA Players Cup